Article Written By:

Grace Knaap
Stylist & Makeup Artist

The big day is here! Are you ready?

With any luck, you’ve already read part 1 of this blog post, which should have you as prepared as possible. None the less, here are some tips from our beauty team to ease your mind on the day of your event.

First and foremost, the most important thing is that you eat and stay hydrated. Stress releases cortisol and increases your heart rate, which in turn speeds up your metabolism. This will cause you to burn through your calories faster, which means you need to refuel your body more frequently to keep going. Eat a balanced meal before your appointment and drink lots of water! You are absolutely welcome to bring a snack with you and have your water refilled frequently. For larger group bookings Nurture will provide a light snack and beverages for our guests to enjoy during their appointment, but its up to you to keep it up throughout your event to ensure you don’t crash halfway through.

Arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment time. This will ensure that you aren’t in a rush or flustered when you come in the door and give you a few minutes to get settled in.

Hair Appointments:

If your appointment does not include a wash prior to styling, we cannot stress enough the importance of arriving to your appointment with %100 dry hair. Hot styling tools have potential to cause serious damage to your hair when it isn’t dry, and will not give the desired results. If your stylist needs to dry your hair prior to styling, it could set your appointment behind schedule. We recommend washing and drying your hair 24-48 hours before your appointment to ensure that it is clean, dry, and not excessively oily.

Don’t forget to bring any accessories discussed in your trial/consult.

Makeup Appointments:

Come with a fresh face. Use a gentle cleanser the morning of your appointment or the night before followed by a light moisturizer.

The days leading up to your appointment are not the time to be experimenting with new products or procedure’s. The last thing you want to deal with on the day of a big event is an allergic reaction to a new product or breakouts from an intensely detoxifying facial.