Article Written By:

Grace Knaap
Stylist & Makeup Artist

Booking Hair and Makeup for your special event

Whether you’re preparing for your wedding, graduation, photoshoot, party or another milestone that will be heavily photographed, an important detail that you will not want to overlook is your beauty plan. Not to say that looks are the most important detail, but the way you feel in these moments are. The day of your event, the last thing you want to be stressing over is making your eyeliner even and how your hair really looks from the back. That’s where our team comes in to ensure that you look and feel your best while you enjoy the moments that you’ve put so much thought and planning into.
Here are a few tips from our professionals to help you plan and prepare your event look.
Know your needs. Your professional will guide you through the process of finding your look but there are a few details you need to set in stone first. Start with your needs. How many people need appointments? Are you able to come into the salon/spa or do you need an artist to travel to the event site? What services do you need? Hair, makeup, waxing, lashes? These are a few things you will need to make a decision on before reserving appointments.

  • When you are ready to book your appointment, tell the Guest Services Coordinator what time you and/or your party want to leave the salon/spa by, not what time you want to start. Guest services will know the timing required for each service as well as how many providers are available to you. This allows our coordinator to provide you the best appointment options and ensure you are not set behind schedule due to miscommunication.
  • Consultation vs Trial. We highly recommend utilizing BOTH of these services in preparation for your event. Start with a consultation to meet your service professional and get to know each other. During your consultation, feel free to share photos and ask any questions you may have. Consultations are always free at Nurture and are a great opportunity for you and your service provider to share ideas and make a plan. It is also recommended that you book an appointment in advance to your event for a trial. A trial appointment will ideally happen just like your event appointment, but doing it ahead of time allows for troubleshooting, product selection, and design tweaks to happen without the stress and pressure of your event. Having a trial done ahead of time will also allow you the chance to see how long lasting the style or makeup is, as well as change your mind about any details before it’s too late.
  • Communicate! This is key. No one can be expected to be a mind reader. Please trust us when we say we have your best interests at heart and want nothing less than to exceed your expectations. We always need a clear idea of what your expectations are. If your unsure how to properly communicate your ideas, photos are going to be your best resource. Don’t be afraid to get specific about what details you love or hate, and ask as many questions as you need to feel confident about the plan you are making with your service provider.

Thanks for reading and good luck planning your event! Head over to our service menu to see what we are available to help you with, and check out our packages for special pricing!