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Chrystal S
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At Nurture, we are mindful about beauty. We practice with Local, Canadian and Chemical free products, while incorporating organic ingredients and essential oils. Our professionals are always fine tuning their skills and staying connected with the community. At Nurture, we go above and beyond to provide our clients with an exceptional experience, each and every time.

Making A Mindful choice for your Health – Nurture Salon & Spa

It’s 6 AM. You crawl out of bed and stumble to the coffee machine for a pre-brewed cup of hot Organic Coffee. Only 4% of that coffee needs to be Organic for it to say Organic – Did you know that? You ponder going back to bed for a few minutes, but inevitably you decide to make your first attempt to freshen up.
Pause. I want you to take a short quiz. The products listed below are typically used each and every day by both Men, Women and Children. What products do you use morning and night? (Please Circle)
Body Wash, face Wash, face moisturizer, body and hand moisturizer, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, exfoliants, body scrubs, styling products, foot creams, perfume, lip moisturizer, lipstick, makeup, mascara, deodorant, hair color, hair growth treatments

Most beauty / personal hygiene products contain dangerous hidden ingredients know as Parabens. These additive help to preserve the products shelf life. In the last decade, Parabens have been widely tested and scientifically linked to the development of Cancer at an alarming rate, climbing from 72% in the 90’s to 98% in 2008. These preservatives have similar properties to the Female Hormone Estrogen, and can completely throw off normal hormonal levels, which can in turn lead to cancer. Researchers often find Parabens in Breast Tissue of Cancer patients, as it is often a hormone positive or Negative Cancer. Many specialists in Breast Cancer suggest those diagnosed to completely omit all products made with parabens, especially those for personal hygiene and beauty.

How is this possible? Well, how many of these products did you circle, in which you apply or use on yourself in the run of a single day? Not including smearing it on your children, spouses, or if your profession directly involves the use of these products, like those staff in a Salon & Spa. These products are being absorbed through your respiratory system and the skin, your largest organ in the body.

You may not have realized how many products you use on a day to day basis. You may not have known of Parabens and how harmful they are to our bodies. What do we have if we don’t have our health?
Many households are effected by Cancer. On a personal note; several family members on both my mothers and father’s sides, have either died from cancer, or have been diagnosed and now live cancer free. I started my career as a Stylist in 2004, working with a company who appreciated organic beauty and the earth. Shortly after starting my career at this location, the company announced they were reformulating, and removing these unknown chemicals called parabens from their product as it was deemed harmful by scientists. Shortly after this, a family member was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Today they are healthy and well. After researching ways to incorporate natural elements for health and beauty, including essential oils and natural supplements, I began to wonder: If a Natural and Chemical Free lifestyle could help improve your entire body (skin, hair, nails all included) why are Professional in the Beauty Industry choosing to continue old, unwholesome methods VS a path in Natural Health and Beauty. Health Conscious products and environments benefit not only the Clients, but the entire working staff.

The concept for Nurture Salon & Spa was easy. Chemical Free. We offer Spa services including hand made scrubs and masks made often from fruits, salts or sugars, with natural benefits such as antioxidants, brightening and hydrating properties. Hair Color that is Scent Free, ammonia free and oil based. Grape Enzyme Peels for skin rejuvenation, and a sensitive scent free skin care line for those suffering from Eczema and Psoriasis. We also offer Signature services backed by Professional Branded Canadian Beauty products for those who want that extra Professional Flair. We offer a new Organic Special monthly, featured on our website for you to see and build your excitement! ( We also support local businesses, stocking our shelves with their product and keeping active in the community.

Now, you can choose to make an informed decision about your Beauty Regime and your Personal Health. Isn’t your health worth the experience we have to offer at Nurture Salon & Spa.

Nurture Salon & Spa offers a wade array of Beauty products that are Paraben Free, and in salon services that are hand made and also free from Chemicals. We stock Canadian Products that are free from Gluten, Eggs, Perfume, Dyes, Additives, Fillers, Silicone, Sulfates, and more.

We are located 10 Minutes North from the City of Red Deer and 5 Minutes South from the City of Lacombe. Locals in Ponoka, Wetaskiwin and Camrose can also visit us with just a short commute.

Did you know Nurture Offers:

  • Loyalty Program – 1000 points for every New Client referral
  • Seniors Hour – 10AM – 1PM Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Treat Yourself Tuesdays – 20% Off Same day bookings
  • Online Booking –
  • Certified Professional Service Providers in Hair Styling, Esthetics and Massage Therapy
  • Open late 3 nights a week
  • Top performing Salon Exclusive products
  • Canadian and Chemical Free Products
  • Retail Space for Local small home based businesses

We hope that you take a chance and experience a visit with Team Nurture. What do you have to lose?