These days more and more families are looking for alternative ways to heal or simply live. Our location in central Alberta homes young families with many toddlers, who are very concerned with chemicals and main stream medicine. The town of Blackfalds has an average age of 30 while neighboring communities like Lacombe and Red Deer have a very broad range of demographics. It’s not just the millennials who are carefully making changes in their household, but also the grandmothers and the mothers. This may stem from a history of illnesses or disease in the family. Many households have been touched by the ugly word cancer and this leaves people questioning their past choices, and engaging them in researching new alternatives.

The hair industry has been the same old industry for many years. Roughly 10 years ago, professional companies like Aveda began reformulating products to be a healthier choices for the earth, for personal use and industry workers by first removing parabens from their product lines.

Parabens: A chemical compound used in certain products to kill bacteria and prevent the product from decaying.

Next, companies began to remove sulfates and fragrance.

Sulfate: A Salt or esther or sulfuric acid

Fragrance: something such as perfume compounded to give off a sweet or pleasant odor

For us stylists this honestly, is a lifesaver. To use products that can be harmful to our health, every hour on the hour will eventually be detrimental to our career. Consumers on the other hand prefer to buy products that work well, and do not much care about the ingredients or chemicals.

Let’s look at professional hair color. Many color lines in your average salon are still ammonia based. That’s what you smell when you walk in the doors, unless Aunt Betty is processing her perm wrap.
The ammonia is what you feel on your scalp during application, the itchy, pinching, and sometime burning sensation. And let’s let that sit on your skin and process for 40 minutes. Ugh. For us stylists who work above your head, breathing in the fumes from the ammonia and other chemicals, it really takes a tole. Many stylists develop chronic bronchiolar disease and lung diseases because of the poor product choices out there. Estheticians and stylists alike develop many different illnesses such as eczema, skin allergies, on top of scent sensitivities, making their career short lived.

I wanted to change that.

I wanted a business that thrived on alternative options, incorporated essential oils and holistic ingredients. A business that brought clients in from all over the province because what we offer is so unique. And mindful.

Nurture opened in November of 2015. Located 10 minutes south of Lacombe, 10 minutes north of Red Deer and 20 minutes east of Sylvan Lake, Blackfalds was centrally located. We frequently receive calls from customers all over Alberta questioning our products and challenging our knowledge.
They want a quality, healthy option, and that’s what we offer at Nurture.

Here are just a few of the items we offer at Nurture:

  • Scent free permanent color
  • Oil based (ammonia free) color
  • A full line of essential oils
  • Hair products free of perfume, silicon, gluten, sulfates, parabens, eggs, dyes, and fillers
  • Medical grade organically derived skin care
  • Sensitive and Scent Free Goat Milk line
  • Holistic spa services including holistic facials and pedicures

When you visit our spa for a pedicure, you will learn that we are definitely one of a kind!

We use stainless steel surgical grade bowls which are properly disinfect after each use. We package our implements in surgical envelopes once they are sanitized and disinfected. We use Epsom salts blended with essential oils for your soak. We hand make our scrubs or use those from the LucyLoo line. We offer scent-free paraffin for those with scent allergies.

We even top off the visit with one of our signature herbal teas.

For those of you Salon lovers, the hair care line we use is called Surface, which is made in Saskatoon Canada. Surface along with a few other boutique lines, are quality products that protect the Earth and personal health.

For those of you who have scalp irritations when visiting a salon, a lot is taken into consideration with recommendations. A frequent compliant we hear from new Guests, is dry scalp! For some, it’s dye overload which can happen with any color line. However, with our ammonia-free color, our guests are experiencing less issues. Working with your medical history and asking questions prior to beginning this new journey with you, we create a customized Nurture experience just for you! The consultation is certainly the most imperative and will hands down be the deciding factor in the direction you take.

Our Guests value Alternative Health Care and alternative options for Health and Beauty products. Many of our Guests additionally visit Alternative healthcare practitioners such as chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, holistic dieticians and health food stores. These people are truly 100% involved, and they want friends and family to jump on the bandwagon in their own journey to chemical free living.
I’m sure some of you are wondering how chemical-free the products we use actually are.

Products need to work.

Being a quality Salon and Spa, our work needs to represent our years of training and passion. If hair color or dye were to be in the purest of forms, we would be using hennas. That method would not allow us to do our job well, and it will not represent quality workmanship. In comparison to the majority of salons and spas, I am very specific with which products we choose to use. The products need to meet our expectations, and they need to be absent of the most harmful irritants, including chemicals. We offer and use products at Nurture that are free of parabens and fragrance. People can purchase products from health food stores or department stores, but their performance is questionable. If Betty Sue comes in for a $200 color, she would want to ensure the longevity of that color. Quality and healthy products are of utmost importance. We are not saying that products which are not purchased in a salon are not healthy or they don’t work, but we, as professionals train with specific product lines that educate us on the products that will showcase our work the best.

In Skin Care for example, the Norwex face and body cloth is by far the best option for exfoliating and removing makeup and oil, with no need for the use of harmful or harsh ingredients. We special order products. Visit our website at We also offer a medical grade organic skin care line for those wanting a more traditional skin care approach.

Nurture is now in its fourth year of business, and steadily growing. We have seen growth through 2016, 2017 and 2018, although young, promised to be a fabulous year.

The town of Blackfalds has welcomed us with open arms and has truly shown us the meaning of community! We are so thankful to have young, strong and growing families to support and challenge us.
Visit our website at You will find a complete list of our salon, spa and massage services, and the option to book online with our online booking feature. You will be able to choose your appointment time and service provided. You can also find us on Facebook as Nurture Salon & Spa, Blackfalds AB. Guests come from all over Alberta, and It is not uncommon to find someone new from out of province.

Hopefully we have stirred your curiosity to possibly change even one small thing in your personal life. For better health. Even if it’s a simple haircut.

Article Written By:

Chrystal Smith